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The Organisation

Children of the Earth e. V. is an NGO with the aim to support young boys and girls whose parents do not have the financial means to afford an apprenticeship.

Sammy Lee Seaneku

The organisation was founded in 2000 in Ghana. Sammy Lee Seaneku, born in 1943 in the Volta Region on Ghana, is one of the founders. He did an apprenticeship in Ghana and learned how to weld. He has worked in Ghana and with many international companies in and around Ghana. He was lucky to not only get the chance doing an apprenticeship; he also found always well-paid work. Ghana is one of the advanced countries in Africa and no one has to starve. There are no ethical or religious conflicts as it is the case in the neighbouring states. Furthermore, since a long time Ghana is independent, actually it was the first independent country in 1957 and the government is democratically elected.

And still, many children are below the poverty line without any chance of a good apprenticeship. Helping those children is the aim of Children of the Earth e. V.

Here, you have the possibility to get in contact with the NGO Children of the Earth and join us. In order to become a member, please download the application for admission (WORD-file, ca. 32 KB). Please fill it in and send it back to the following address: Children of the Earth e. V., Wittenberger Straße 8, 30179 Hannover, Germany. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@children-of-the-earth.de.

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